Work history

An assorted sample of commissions I've done so far

A lengthy work history if you click here

Curiosity has been making me chase different interests.

Working with agencies big & small I'm building knowledge, gathering resources within creative industry.

My professional journey began as an intern with Managic Branding in S.Paulo, Brazil.

Then I went to SAO Design, brainchild of Francesc Petit - Catalan ad man, DPZ&T founder. SAO Design creates concepts for BRFoods-Sadia, Mastercard, Alpargatas-Havaianas and Hering.

A couple of years later I joined DPZ&T mothership, where I was trained as an art director by Mr.Petit himself. I had the opportunity to work with Johnson & Johnson, Diageo-Heublein and Itaú bank.

2 years later MDesign offered me partnership. During a 13 year stretch Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, Bunge, Unilever and Bauducco were regular clients. Around this period I developed solid package designing skills. And then I left.

Curiosity lead me to develop more tech skills. I tried my hand with SAP and IT management.

Then Notan Studio presented me an opportunity to learn 3D modeling. I spent a little over 3 years with them honing this competence.

After that period, Mog Design - a digital signage design studio - gave me a chance to work with Cinemark. I had two direct reports (designers), and I also coordinated with all our motion artists, making sure our efforts were consistent, lock-stepped, in-brand with our clients.
Then I moved to another country. Twice.

During this freelancing period, Google sent me a detailed communication explaining the role of an UX Designer, how the visual aspect of this industry relates directly to my expertise, and how to transfer my skills to the UX universe. I took the bait, attended their 9-month course, and got certified with this skill.

And finally, a new professional chapter began March 2022 when I started working with The Marketing Store (tms) in Chicago. I got lucky with my team mates - a bunch of patient, good-natured and supportive colleagues who's been generously sharing their knowledge and time with me. I'm working with McDonald's US digital menu boards and assets photo shoot.

I have experience with

Package design

Like most projects, a package design project starts with a brief, a few concepts, some rough sketches and plenty of iteration. Here are some I designed along the way.

BRF Foods smoothie

Nestlé ice cream

Unilever juice

Bunge oil

Nestlé cereals

Mannah cattle feed

Unilever water

Parmalat yogurt

Unilever canned food


Yoplait yogurt

Unilever corn starch

Johnson & Johnson Reach


Graphic design

Some printed collateral, billboards, logos, and general visual communication that help establish a brand's tone.

Unilever billboards

Johnson & Johnson billboard

BluRay covers

Themed cards commissioned by magician Celio Amino

Illustrations based on Japanese bunjin artist Hiroshige
(Edo period)


Brand identity style guide



Digital signage

Menu boards or digital communication systems: always the same puzzle, with different puzzle pieces instead. Once in place, they read like a well-designed poster.



Computer generated imagery. Some illustrations I've created mostly for advertising agencies. Also, a handy skill when presenting concepts to internal clients.

Grendene shoes

am-pm convenience stores

Marvel lunchbox


Boticário cologne




I had the opportunity to create & manage Cinemark's communication content for Brazil + all Latin America (except Mexico). I designed their concession digital menu boards, box office showtimes, poster case displays & printed collateral.

Seasonal promotions

Social media content

Loyalty programs

Printed collaterals


Printed signage

Promotional banners

Thank you!

For now only a handful of these projects has their own case.

I intend each one of them to show its history, development, and how the end result was reached. Eventually.