What am I doing now?


A page inspired by Derek Sivers' Now

"What's up, Paulo?"

. I wake up at 4:45 am, meditate for 50 minutes, always using Insight Timer App to track it.


"I was fascinated by OpenAI's Dall-e. But after I started using Adobe's Firefly in April 2023, my mind was blown - both by its results, and also by its simple, elegant, powerful interface."

Here are some Dall-e generated images:

"Gangster squirrel counting his money"

"Nike Air Jordan sneakers imagined by Monet"

"Batman night scene painted in oil by Vincent Van Gogh"

And Firefly's:

"Backlit glitter explosion"

"Octopus creature with diamond glasses singing in underwater bar stage"

"Fire made of ice"

"Ancient Roman mosaic depicting an astronaut"

The album is a variation of the Mexican skies photo collection I created when we moved 2018 from Brazil to Metepec, a small town an hour outside Mexico City.

Geneva, IL

Metepec, Mexico

To emulate the healthy living experience we had in Mexico, we choose to settle an hour out of Chicago. Away from the gray high rises and traffic jam. Geneva is our home now and we intend to stay here through our daughter's HS.

> While we were 3 weeks away in Brazil sorting our paperwork, she was fostered by good friends. She managed to forget about us during the period. Once back in our place, it took her 2 days to remember who we are.

Cat tax, per Reddit

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