What am I doing now?


A page inspired by Derek Sivers' Now

"What's up, Paulo?"

  • I'm a senior art director with The Marketing Store agency in Chicago, working for McDonald's; using my design skills to fit different kinds of graphic pieces and text together.

> I'm reading about Brad Frost's Atomic design concept, and also learning Sketch, Abstract, and Zeplin to catch up with my great team mates. I've bought this course on Udemy called Sketch A-Z and it's been a great knowledge-gap-filling tool.

  • I put some effort in intermittent fasting eating pattern. I started it on February 2022. Went from 84 kg (185 lbs) down to 73 kg (161 lbs) in 3 months. A miserable experience with great results.

  • Also, I've been more committed to meditation since January 2022. Can't say why, but felt like taking it more seriously than past years.

> I wake up everyday at 5:30 am and I'm on it for one hour. I'm using Insight Timer App to help me keep track.


  • I'm reading: "Weird" by the weird and lovely Olga Khazan, "Atomic Design" by Brad Frost, "I can't make this up" by Kevin Hart, and "I can't make this up" by Amor Towles

  • In 2020, when we moved to the US, I started a Google Photos album called Illinois skies.

The album is a variation of the Mexican skies photo collection I created when we moved 2018 from Brazil to Metepec, a small town an hour outside Mexico City.

Geneva, IL

Metepec, Mexico

  • Also from our stint in Mexico, exposed to unusual and exotic local beverages, I started taking pictures of the bottles before sampling the content. I keep doing it to this day.

  • We keep one of the world's most expensive adopted cat: a Mackerel tabby rescue called Suzu.

> We adopted her in S.Paulo, Brazil. Then she moved to Mexico with us. And then after two years she came along to Illinois. We learned that a plane ticket (plus docs) for a pet is more expensive than for a human.

Cat tax, per Reddit

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