What am I doing now?


A page inspired by Derek Sivers' Now

"What's up, Paulo?"

  • I'm a senior art director with The Marketing Store agency in Chicago, working for McDonald's; using my design skills to fit different kinds of graphic pieces and text together.

> Although still catching up with my fellow team mates, I'm a bit closer to them. Of course there are tons of things still to learn, but now I'm able to make some more meaningful contributions and heavy-lifting with the work we're doing. Last month our design efforts for McDonald's went public nationally. Although my fingerprints are all over (with tidbits I did), the drive-thru checkout graphics are mine 😊

  • I put some effort in intermittent fasting eating pattern. I started it on February 2022. Went from 84 kg (185 lbs) down to 73 kg (161 lbs) in 3 months. A miserable experience with great results. But the thing is: if you slip, it is way too easy to gain back whatever you lost.

  • Also, I've been more committed to meditation since January 2022. Can't say why, but felt like taking it more seriously than past years.

> I wake up everyday at 4:40 ~ 5:30 am. I do it for an hour. I'm using Insight Timer App to help me keep track.


  • I've started "Strange weather" by Joe Hill and "Thehouseguest" by Amparo D'ávila. Last week I finished "Dead silence" by S.A. Barnes on the train commute. I'm also re-reading "How to live" by Derek Sivers. Been reading all these on the Kindle, for a while now. Upsides reading on this device are twofold: it actually does feel easy on the eye, and you're not tempted to go astray clicking down the rabbit hole of hyperlinks.

  • In 2020, when we moved to the US, I started a Google Photos album called Illinois skies.

The album is a variation of the Mexican skies photo collection I created when we moved 2018 from Brazil to Metepec, a small town an hour outside Mexico City.

Geneva, IL

Metepec, Mexico

To emulate the good living experience we had in Mexico, we choose to live an hour out of Chicago. Away from the gray high-rises and traffic jam. Geneva is our home now and we intend to stay here through our daughter's HS.

  • Also from our stint in Mexico, exposed to unusual and exotic local beverages, I started taking pictures of the bottles before sampling the content. I keep doing it to this day. It's even easier to get strange drinks around here.

  • We keep one of the world's most expensive adopted cat: a Mackerel tabby rescue called Suzu.

> While we were 3 weeks away in Brazil sorting documents, she was fostered by good friends in Plano. She managed to forget about us during those days. Once back in our place, it took her 2 days to remember who we are.

Cat tax, per Reddit

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