Cinemark awards


Exploring solutions on acrylic plastic

The problem and the goal

Once a year Cinemark promotes a gathering event to acknowledge fellow workers and business partners, awarding them trophies. Instead of a bland traditional etched metal plate, the trophy is expected to be distinct and unconventional.

While working with Mog Design, I was commissioned to come up with new concepts.

The brief

I was given free rein to come up with ideas. Also, as Cinemark was celebrating its 20th operational anniversary in Brazil, this allusion might be incorporated into the concepts.

A bunch of balloons concept

A strong celebration element - party balloons - is a foundation for this concept. A solid bunch of balloons on the top, with etched lines in a solid acrylic cone standing as strings, like a handle attached to the base.

A party balloon concept

A single party balloon encased in a acrylic base, giving a hint of the anniversary theme. Although this was well evaluated, its seemingly simplicity could be interpreted as a poor execution.

Movie clapboard concept

My personal favorite one. Besides the strong link to the movie universe, this concept provides plenty of real estate to write all the information needed.

Searchlights concept

Two references to the movies in this concept: the searchlights from big events, and the rectangle shape with 16:9 aspect ratio - the screen ratio of movie theater. Each star stands for 10 years.

Searchlights, but square

More proportionally shaped, this square trophy sports a LED illuminated base, providing an aesthetical reference to the movie theater experience in the dark.

Straight, no-frills concept

A no-nonsense, square version.

Approved concept: The projector

The concept that went into production. The circle streaks make reference to the projector on the back of the room. Also, it might be interpreted as a stylized firework. Fortunately the contrast between the two colors from initial concepts was kept.

Refining the design

With the concept once approved, I had to work closely with the trophy manufacturer. Besides providing them with a more technical drawing, with close measurements, I went through a few different acrylic samples, ran color tests. We discussed how would the etching elements be executed, how these two parts would be fused. And finally how would the be delivered to Cinemark.

Learnings from the process

Being able to present these concepts in 3D rendering proved to be a huge time-saver for all of us, and visually entertaining for the client. But as I noticed later, during the prodution phase, I should have involved the manufacturer early in the process. They would have given me a better understand of what is feasible or not, the constraints and limitations of the acrylic material.

Overall it was a pretty smooth experience, with almost no bumps during the process, and it was delivered on time.

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